How to Cope Music Silenced MP3 In Android

Have you experienced this kind of problem? When suddenly a Smartphone or Tablet Android can not play mp3 and various types of music and audio files. Of course if this happens will make us confused and very upset. Imagine, on the sidelines we were to have free time to enjoy your favorite songs and relax it can not be rotated. So what causes it?

silenced music

Tablet and Android Smartphone is equipped with the ability to be able to read and do the scanning of various file types including audio entertainment. No matter whether the files are stored in the internal memory, external (Micro SD) or stored online in the cloud storage. On the other hand when we turned it certainly requires a media player or an application in this regard is the music player application. Just as other problems that sometimes occur in the Android OS. He could experience an error or damaged.

Overcoming Music Player Can not Play the song

Android music player can not play a song can be caused by several factors. One of them just because of the mp3 files that exist within the Smartphone or Tablet has been deleted by accident, but he still left the cache as the file is still there and can be rotated. Follow the steps below.

  • Reboot. Before you do this or other actions when experiencing this problem, restart against Android. Disconnect all ranging from batteries, external memory (Micro SD) and a SIM card. Let it sit for a few minutes so that the motherboard or chipset android does not receive the energy from the battery. After the pair back and turn it on.
  • Clear cache that has accumulated. This could be one cause. For example, if it turns out when we open the music player application and display a description of “no media found” when we have a lot of mp3 files, you have to do is clean it. Use clean master application to clear the cache and residual files that accumulate.
  • Clean the Music Player Application Data. We will focus to clean up the data stored in the music player application. But be careful, by doing it this way all the settings and configurations that we have created will be deleted. Such as playlists, favorites, equalizer and some other customization features. The trick tap Settings> Apps> All and then locate and open the music player application name that you use and then tap Clear data Clear cache and Force stop.
  • Attach Alternative Music Player application. There are so many music players that have been made and marketed in Playstore. Search and download and install on smartphones and Android tablets as an alternative to back enjoy your favorite songs.
  • After we clear the cache or installing a new music player application, it will automatically re-scanning. That would make the Smartphone and Tablet Android can play back music.