Kevin Gates – Yukatan

There’s be a life after jail, and American rapper Kevin Gates, fresh from jail, is determined to not just live that life but rock as well. And of course focus on family. He is doing just that, with a singular focus on the positive energies around.

Kevin Gates’s track “#Yukatan” takes you through troubled streets, streets you might end up equating with his life – maybe not. But from it all you  are going to have an idea how some some nigga’s mind works, his values and what he has been able to grasp walking through life’s streets.

Born in New Orleans some 33 years ago, Kevin Jerome Gilyard, known simply as Kevin Gates, may not exactly suit the labels you might have for him. A tumultuous upbringing had made level-headed rapper of him, one without much care for public opinion of him and even of his art.

He has chosen his own path and has apparently made a success of it. So far he teased and thrilled the world with several songs, including “2 Phones” “Change Lanes,” “Intro Edition,” “Me Too” and “Diva (Remix),” which featured Don Toliver.”#Yukatan” continues the thrill yet.

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