DJ Khaled – Won’t Take My Soul Ft. Nas & CeeLo Green

Listening to DJ Khaled’s latest track “Won’t Take My Soul,” you might be fooled into thinking you’re somewhere in the cathedral receiving the Father’s benediction. On this track, splendid vocals combine with grand instrumentals to give you an epic listening experience. And the experience will likely stay with you for a long time.

I reckon without really intending it should be so,  DJ Khaled’s “Won’t Take My Soul,” which features two of the industry’s respected names in the persons of Nas and  CeeLo Green, actually turns out didactic, a track with a knowledge database from which you can learn and indeed master your own demons. Not bad.

For those who think the star disc jockey has had it all good going up, well, they are all mistaken. DJ Khaled has had his share of ghastly falls. But like the champ he is, he has learned to rise from his ashes, to overcome the pain. And anyone can do the same.

“Won’t Take My Soul” makes interesting listening. In fact it comes recommended. You’re going to enjoy every minute spent listening to this track and might even find yourself sharing it.

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