Lil Durk – Turn Myself In

Lil Durk – Turn Myself In

American rapper, Lil Durk may be currently incarcerated on shooting charges but he didn’t miss a chance to release a song titled “Turn Myself In” and it’s a reflective one here.

Earlier, Lil Durk had revealed the bad news about being wanted on shooting charges at the Varsity. Reports revealed that he was wanted on at least five felony charges.

The singer claimed innocence and his song said just as much. He sang: “Stay makin’ up lies, for sure/ I’m an innocent man, for sure/ It is what it is, for sure,” and fans will be sympathizing with him for this even if this is not his first or even second brush with the law.

Lil Durk who used to be a member of the Black Disciples group had a lot of brushes with the law in the past and even served time. But since his music really grew, fans expected him to keep a calmer head but that’s apparently not going to be and it is left to see how this turns out.

The rapper also rapped about having five million followers and needing five million dollars which feels like his bail money had been set for 5 million dollars.

The song is a moment of reflection for Lil Durk though as he sang about the past and how he got here. Whether otr not his followers are going to contribute his bail money remains to be seen, but for now, we recommend listening to this new one from him. Stream the song here.

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