Tyga Discusses Being Mentored By Lil Wayne & His “Legendary” Album

It took less than 24 hours for rapper, Tyga‘s newly released “Legendary” album to be certified gold and he takes a look back at how this all came to be and how much pf an influence Lil Wayne is.

Tyga had revealed earlier too that he wasn’t really planning on releasing an album. His plan was to drop one or two singles to get by the summer but then fans wanted differently. According to him, it was when fans started clamouring for an album release that he decided to oblige them and well, look how it turned out.

Speaking of influences, Tyga revealed just how much getting mentored by Lil Wayne and getting signed by him at a young age helped him become this winner. He also revealed that watching Lil Wayne win despite the many challenges, pushed him too and that having him on the album alone helped push it.

“Wayne, he kinda like, he helped me grow into this person and really just inspired me and mentored me through the years. He signed me when I was 17. I was over there when he was doing Carter III so, that whole process, I had somebody to look [up] to as far as like, this is how I should do it. I should be in the studio every day. This person’s doing it. I should be doing shows…you know what I’m saying? I had guidance in a way. Just putting him on the beginning of the album is legendary. After all the drama, all the sh*t that he’s been through, label stuff, me, and still come out on top…”

Tyga also talked about having a lot of unreleased collabs with Chris Brown as well as his love life and how much of his personal life get featured in songs.

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