Stunna 4 Vegas – Rap Game Lebron

It’s a brand new song from out of South Carolina as rising rapper, Stunna 4 Vegas comes through with a new song titled “Rap Game Lebron” that sees him call himself one of the best.

Stunna 4 Vegas first grabbed public attention when he released “Animal” and featured DaBaby on it. He’s come a long way since then though, releasing top songs like “Hitn4”, “11’s” and “Punch Me in Pt. 3” and he now returns with this new one that’s bound to increase his rep in the industry.

Produced by Milan Makes, this new one too, while a freestyle can definitely make club rounds as it packs a lot of energy for an artiste still finding his feet and voice.

It’s been a busy year so far for Stunna 4 Vegas as he has released “Drop My Nuts”, “Hell Yeah”, “Pressure”, “Ashley”, “Havin My Way” and others this year alone and looks poised to drop even more before the year runs out and we can’t wait to see what else he comes through with.

Khalick Antonio Caldwell known in music circles as Stunna 4 Vegas currently runs with Interscope Records under which he has found massive success. He has been pulling his share of following too and this new song will only increase that following and make even more rap fans take note of him and his talent.

“Rap Game Lebron” has Stunna 4 Vegas showering himself with some well deserved praises and self adulations even as he affirms himself as one of the best. It’s still pretty early but it’ll be interesting to see him follow this up with even more songs.

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