Chris Stapleton – The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy (From “Toy Story 4”)

American singer and guitarist, Chris Stapleton has come through with a fine rendition of “The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy” and it is a song that features in “Toy Story 4” and it has of course been making waves.

The new song has Chris Stapleton singing his version of the song in end credits of the latest installment of “Toy Story 4” that stars Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack and that is scheduled to reach theatres on June 20. The song was sung by the protagonist, Woody and it talks about the advantages of opening yourself up and getting to meet people and forming bonds with them.

Chris Stapleton who also got to sing in the final season of HBO‘s “Game of Thrones” sang: “You came along, changed my life/And fixed what was broken in me,” even as he continues to establish himself as one of the biggest faces, and voices around.

Written by Randy Newman who also wrote the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” song for the first “Toy Story” film, the song connects on many levels and aligns with the theme of the fourth installment as well.

Speaking about the film later, Chris Stapleton wrote: “To me what has made the Toy Story films hold up over time has been the strength of the stories and the songs and the writing and the characters. There’s something for people of all ages to enjoy in the world that is Toy Story.”

To listen to the song, stream and don’t forget to watch out for the film itself. Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section too.

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