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Top African Music You Should Plug In Your playlist

by John Anusie

Africa is one of the world’s most vibrant hubs, churning out some of the most engrossing numbers in the world. There are brilliant artistes – rappers, singers, vocalists, or whatever you choose to call them – in every country in Africa.

So how does one draw a list of top African you should create space for on your playlist right now? What, exactly constitutes “top African ?” opinion is subjective, of course. It is inevitable opinion should crop in the list that follows.

In no particular order, below are the top African you should plug in your playlist.

Kanyaga” by Diamond Platnumz

’s champ released “Kanyaga” two weeks ago and followed it it up almost immediately with a . The song became an anthem near instantly, with the reaching a milestone of one million views in 13 hours. A fine record.

Fans out there are saying they are not done with the streaming and downloading just yet.

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Johnny” by Yemi Alade

Johnny” was of a career enhancer for Yemi Alade, one-time member of the now defunct girl group Noty Spices. Produced by Selebobo and released in 2014, “Johnny” is a song that established Yemi Alade is a major voice in .

Johnny” is one of the tracks in her King of Queens.” With the stats for the showing over 105 million views. “Johnny” is one of the most viewed videos by a musician.

Doc Shebeleza” by Cassper Nyovest

Doc Shebeleza” was one of the songs that gave South African artiste Cassper Nyovest his big break in music. Although released in 2014, the song retains the charm of five years ago and is worth having.

Ojuelegba” by

Ojuelegba” tell’s ’s bread-soaked-in-water to caviar-at-the-Hilton story. This 5th track in ’s Ayo” is worth having, so make a place for it on your playlist. The song’s stats show over 32 million views on YouTube.

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Malwedhe” by

Would your playlist be complete without King Monada’s greatest hit to date? I doubt. The “Malwedhe” fever may have died down, but the song retains it charm.

The list goes on and on, the full list below:

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