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Let That Rat Rot! – Snoop Dogg Goes After Tekashi 6ix9ine For Snitching

by James Ogunjimi

Veteran rapper,  is not taking that  has been snitching lightly at all and has slammed him online when he asked the new attorney, G Code to “let the rat rot”.

It will be recalled that the younger rapper has been in prison for a while now over racketeering charges and with that he has started cooperating with investigators to snitch on his old team, the industry is not necessarily finding it funny.

When then broke that Tekashi had been cooperating with investigators to snitch on his former crew, Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, the industry was divided. Some saw it as betrayal. You don’t ever snitch no matter what.

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But others felt that he had more to lose and that snitching was fine in that instance. A number of people felt that since he was a popular figure and people were outside campaigning for his release, anything that could get him free worked.

disagrees obviously and made that clear when he asked G Code to let him rot. That didn’t sit well with a number of Tekashi fans though who have since hit out at  calling him washed up for attacking Tekashi.

The new attorney that the younger rapper got occasionally worked for the likes of Jay Z so it is clear that all hands are on deck to ensure that he is a free man as soon as possible.

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His songs have been topnotch since he first made his entrance into the scene but it remains to be seen how he will be seen by fans and the industry after he returns from jail early after snitching on his former crew members.

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