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Watch Lil Nas X, Mason Ramsey, Billy Ray Cyrus, Keanu Reeves and Young Thug Storm Area 51

by John Anusie

What started as one man’s attempt at hilarity has blown into an international joke of stupendous proportions. I write about the Facebook event called Storm , They Can’t Stop All of .

The event is aiming to assemble a collective to storm , an ultra secret location conspiracy theorists posit is being used as a detention facility for aliens, and free them aliens. The place is generally known to the public as a Airforce facility.

Although the event is clearly a joke, the United States government has since come out to warn the public not to go ahead with the storming of the place, warning of grave consequences for those who attempt to.

The storming event, slated for September 20, has already received 1.4 million signatures, a significant number one should say. The event description states that “If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.”

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The description alludes to a running style, popularized in the United States by the Naruto anime, where characters run forward but with their hands stretched backwards. Some call this style of running the ninja run.

The joke of the storming is such that even , who recently came out as gay, could not help but play along with it as well. The rapper released an anime video (Old Town Road Area 51 Video) dramatizing the storming of the place.

In this case, though, rappers, members of ‘s constituency, not the 1.4 million crowd, are doing the storming. The video shows , and rescuing aliens while does the Naruto run. Hilarious is the word for the video.

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What do you make of this animated video? You might wish to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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