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Criticism Apart, Chance The Rapper’s “The Big Day” Album Is Out

by James Ogunjimi

is agog as of rapper,  are protesting the delay in releasing his “The Big Day” and are expressing their discontent in droves.

The rapper who now goes by Probability the Rapper has been teasing for a long time and it’s not surprising that are losing it after finding out that he won’t be dropping it soon afterall.

It’s not that he is not dropping it, he has actually but the fact that it didn’t even drop when expected it to triggered a number of them. Even  himself took a quick swipe at them with the jokes about how the fandom be waiting for the to drop.

“The Big Day” is his official first in his career. Even though he has been around for long, he has only dropped three major projects and they were mixtapes and this first huge one got fans excited about what it offers.

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Since first making his entrance on the scene, he has gone on to become one of the biggest names in the industry, even getting to retain his independence and make the kind of music that connects and has carved out a huge following for himself.

The “The Big Day” project is symbolic too. It’s a big day for him and for his fans. It’s his first huge project, he has not disappointed before and fans are not expecting him to disappoint on this and with the album finally out, they can now rest assured that their fave got their backs. Songs on the album include:

  1. All Day Long
  2. Do You Remember
  3. Eternal
  4. Hot Shower
  5. We Go High
  6. I Got You (Always and Forever)
  7. Photo Ops (Skit)
  8. Roo
  9. The Big Day
  10. Let’s Go on the Run
  11. Handsome
  12. Big Fish
  13. Ballin Flossin
  14. 4 Quarters in the Black (Skit)
  15. 5 Year Plan
  16. Get a Bag
  17. Slide Around
  18. Sun Come Down
  19. Found a Good One (Single No More)
  20. Town on the Hill
  21. Our House (Skit)
  22. Zanies and Fools
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The Big Day is the debut studio album by . The album follows several mixtapes by the rapper, and is his first solo project since Coloring Book in 2016. It contains 22 tracks, notably excluding Chance’s recent single “Groceries”.  Released under hit independent imprint “ LLC”, stream below and let us know what you think.

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