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One Year On, Aretha Franklin Estate Supports Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research

by James Ogunjimi

One year after her demise, legendary singer, ‘s has announced that it is backing funds for research of a rare form of pancreatic .

Unfortunately, it was pancreatic , this rare form that they are now backing to research that took the legend’s life and well, they want to understand it better and help ensure that they provide more insight into it and how it operates.

The for Neuroendocrine is a synergy of two groups that are for the same cause. The two groups are Women’s Informal Network, and Boston’s Neuroendocrine Tumor Research (NETRF) and they will now work together to provide a better understanding into the rare form of pancreatic cancer.

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Speaking on this, CEO of NETRF, Elyse Gellerman said: “A lot of the work we is basic science in the laboratory, learning why these tumors grow and spread. We don’t know all the answers about that. Researchers are trying to understand these tumors at a cellular level and—with some of the treatments available—why some patients respond and others do not.”

In 2018 when she died, the family had put out a statement that said: “We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds.”

It was a collective loss too and as Gellerman pointed out, a lot of people in the field of cancer research were upset that her cause of death was not properly reported. Still, this study should help shed more light on it and hopefully, help prevent more deaths.

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