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Fetty Wap Announce New Album For October

by James Ogunjimi

Four years after releasing his debut , rapper,  will finally release his sophomore project in October and already, it’s generating a lot of buzz.

has come under a lot of criticism recently with some insinuating that he has fallen off the radar. Yes, maybe he did fall off at some point but it wasn’t because he stopped being creative but because of contract issues.

Still, he did release a mixtape last year and while it didn’t generate a lot of heat especially with all the contract problems going on, he still did something.

Earlier in the month, he performed alongside  at the latter’s pool party and it was like a precursor for him of greater things to come as he has now confirmed that an was on the way and would drop this October.

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When he was called out or at least ridiculed for falling off, is friend,  did something unexpected. Yeah, friends stick together, but  has been known to hit people when they are down. His reputation for being a troll is well earned.

But in this instance, he came to ‘s defense, explaining that he had contract issues. He further elaborated that contract issues can make an artiste not want to put out a new song.

Now that Fetty Wap is getting ready for another , it probably means that his contract issues have been resolved and it’ll be interesting to see how his coming measures up.

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