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Kevin Gates’ “Facts Or Fiction” Interview With Amazon Alexa, Watch!

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Watch talk murder rumor and oral sex in “ or Fiction” interview with Amazon Alexa.

There are many rumors about American rapper, . Well, the rapper has opened up about a lot of them. If you care to listen, why not watch his “ Or Fiction” interview with Amazon Alexa. You just might hear something that could excite you, we know we did.

Since the beginning of his career, Gates has faced rumor over rumor all of which have risen from his life. One of them include killing a man at the age of 13. The rapper has had a few hits in his career including Two Phones and Really Really. That was a long time ago. He is now readying the release of his new album, I’m Him scheduled to drop on Friday, Sept. 27. The same day new albums by Kanye West, Young M.A and DaBaby will be dropping. That’s some real competition.

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The rapper’s recent interview is obviously to promote the forthcoming album. We hope that helps seeing as there’s no hit song to promote the new record. He opens up about the controversies surrounding his life and career. A little into the Fact Or Fiction game, things get awkward when the rapper was asked by Alexa whether a mango is the “closest thing to eating vagina“. Replying the rapper said it only depends on the “type of p**sy you like to eat”.

He also talks about his dog, his diamond teeth, and shuts down the murder rumors saying “that’s fiction”. He went on asking “where did you hear such a thing, Alexa?“. Watch the interview below.

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