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Logic Changes His Record Label’s Name

by Ayodeji Lateef

Changes His Record Label’s Name

Rapper,  is on the cusp of something great, in fact, on the verge of building an empire as he cahnged his record label’s name into something more fitting.

The rapper has evolved into many things this year, and has a new name to capture that now. The new label will be called BobbyBoy Records since it has not changed from the former Elysium Records that he named it when he formed the label in 2017.

is now an author, actor and a lot more and he wants the new name to reflect that. He used to be known as just the rapper but he is more now and said as much.

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According to him: “I’ve decided to change the title of Elysium Records to BobbyBoy Records. And the reason I’m gonna do this is because I really feel like BobbyBoy is becoming an empire. From books, film, television, it’s just really been a beautiful creative space and I want that name and that brand to mean something. So, I’d rather have all of my endeavors in one place, which really excites me.”

It’s been a pretty busy year for the rapper who released his “Supermarket” novel this year before following it up with his “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” two months later. He’s pretty excited about the new moves and crooned about it on Instagram in the short video through which he made the announcement.

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We offer our congratulations to Logic. What do you think about the new name? Who do you think will play a big role in it? Share your comments.

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