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Craig Xen Did “Run It Back” By XXXtentacion’s Grave In New Video

by Ayodeji Lateef

The much-anticipated video for Craig Xen and XXXTentacion “Run It Back” collaboration is finally here as Craig Xen gears up to release his new project Broken Kids Club.

According to Craig Xen, he wanted X’s fans to to get one last hint of the more provocative tune. “To me, that song is such an important piece to the culture because a lot of the new fans either don’t know about the roots of his sound or haven’t gotten into the older work, whatever it may be,” said Xen.

“Run It Back” music video goes well in line with the entertainer’s artistic approach that we have known him for, portraying him and his squad all covered up in masks to commit a bank break-in, an event which includes X’s friend and former bodyguard TankHead666.

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Once the bags have been secured from the banking institution, the video tracked back and told a story from a few decades ago, tales of the good ole’ days of robbing and running. A grownup version of Craig Xen narrates to a bunch of kids. He takes a seat at XXXTentacion’s realistic gravesite, highlighting the grave in the background. “Long Live Jahseh” message came on the screen as soon as the video two-minute ended.

“We got in the house, stashed the money and it was smooth sailing after that!” older Craig was telling the kids, which consist of X’s younger brother, Aiden. Craig, a longtime friend and member of X’s Members is trying all he can to keep the legacy of the talented artist alive while he keeps the late artist’s friends and family close

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Watch Craig Xen’s “Run It Back” video below.

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