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XXXTentacion’s “?” Deluxe Anniversary Edition Tracklist Released

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

‘s upcoming “?” Deluxe anniversary edition tracklist has been released ahead of its September 6th drop.

XXX may be late but his music carries on his incredible legacy. The late rapper’s estate announced that it would be releasing a special anniversary version of his big “?” Album. His mother also confirmed that a documentary is currently also in the works detailing the late rapper’s life.

XXL mag has now released the deluxe album’s tracklist and announced that it would drop on Sept. 6th. According to the publication, fans of the late rapper will get a first taste of the album next week, after which a remix of # featuring would be released on Aug. 20. The remix is also expected to be a part of the upcoming tape. New instrumentals, voice memos from XXX, a tribute by Yoko Shimomura, and more have also been added to the tape. XXL also reports that the box set will contain personal photographs, a poster and text messages between XXX and his collaborators.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

The tracklist;

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Side A
1. “Introduction (instructions)”
2. “Alone, Part 3”
3. “Moonlight”
4. “Sad!”
5. “the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)”
6. “Floor 555”
7. “Numb”
8. “infinity (888)” featuring Joey Bada$$
9. “going down!”
Side B
10. “Pain = BESTFRIEND” featuring
11. “$$$” featuring Matt OX
12. “love yourself (interlude)”
13. “SMASH!” featuring
14. “I don’t even speak spanish lol” featuring Rio Santana, Judah and Carlos Andrez
15. “changes”
16. “Hope”
17. “schizophrenia”
18. “before I close my eyes”
Bonus Content
Side A
1. “Nocturne (a tribute to by Yoko Shimomura)”
2. “Hope (freestyle)”
3. “Jah on drums”
4. “NUMB (acoustic)”
7. “Hate will never win”
8. “UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC (freestyle)”
9. “Red Light!”
10. “Indecision”
Side B
1. voice memo 1 – “Alone, Part 3”
2. voice memo 2 – “Sad!”
3. voice memo 3 – “Moonlight”
4. voice memo 4 – “the remedy for a broken heart”
5. voice memo 5 – “going down!”
6. voice memo 6 – “changes”
7. voice memo 7 – “before I close my eyes”
8. voice memo 8 – “Sad! video concept”

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