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Fetty Wap Drops “Brand New” Single

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

drops new single, .

is making a major comeback. The trap king has been constantly accused of “falling off” of the game. American rapper, who’s pals with him defended him citing contract issues which he said would make an artist not want to make music anymore.

Now, the rapper is set to make a huge come back before the year runs out. Just like seemed to surface from hiatus with four new albums under his belt to prove he’s still got game. Fetty is also set to hit next month with a bang. The month of his comeback.

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The trap man shared a photo his himself performing on stage to his Instagram with the caption “Love it when ya walk that way“. After the photo was uploaded, fans rushed to the comments section to ask the rapper of some was coming through. He replied saying he’s got an coming in October. He wrote “ October.. no more games”. Fun right, he did have his own sound, we hope he comes stronger and better.

The rapper has now dropped a new single to whet our appetites while we wait for the promised . The new track is called “”, a perfect title for a good comeback. Like when Adele dropped Hello when she made a majestic return to the scene.

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The new song still comes with the rapper’s signature sound, which we’ve come to love. The beat of the song is sort of island inspired which the rapper vibes to as he rhymes.

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