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Red Velvet – Zimzalabim

by Ayodeji Lateef

Girl band,  have a new song titled “Zimzalabim” out and they rolled out all the big guns with this one, already drawing comments and sparking conversations since the song dropped. The new song is part of their new album too and comes with other songs like “Sunny Side Up!” “Milkshake,” “Bing Bing,” “Parade,”  and “LP.”

Speaking about the entire project later, band member, Joy said: “This track was in the candidate list of songs for a long time and kept getting pushed back. Lee Soo Man said that we would be able to pull it off this time and strongly suggested it as the title track, so we trusted him and prepared for it.”

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Written by Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Olof Lindskog, and Hayley Aitken, the song is a comeback song for the band too as they have not been the most consistent in recent times but all that is changing with this new release and of course the release of the entire album.

Talking about the song itself, Irene, another member of the South Korean girl group said: “We tried to convey fresh and dynamic feelings. If you listen to the addicting hook, there’s a signature hand gesture during the part of ‘Zimzalabim.’ I think that part will be memorable. It’s a dance where we use more power and a kind of song where we have to use a lot of our bodies. I think it’s a dance that can capture people’s attention with big movements. ‘Zimbalazim’ is such a colorful song that we all contemplated how to best express it.”

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We have listened to the song and acknowledge that it is worth the hype as it joins songs like “Bad Boy”, “Dumb Dumb”, “Happiness” and more that the group has come up with in the past and we recommend listening.

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